Thomas Knowyls Parr's Bedroom

Present day

In 1960 Portsmouth City Council leased the Manor to the Youth Hostel Association until 2006. During this time the Manor was altered. Thomas Parr's bedroom was split into two, this has since been removed. However, the panelling within the bedroom is original although it has been painted over.


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Thomas Parr bought the manor back in 1899 with his aunt Mrs Nightingale. During this time there was no electricity within the Manor, Mr Parr and his aunt were dependant on candlelight and oil lamps for illumination during the dark evenings.

Mr Parr enjoyed living without modern conveniences that were appearing within modern homes of the era. Parr furnished his home using furniture he inherited from his family home in Rossal Hall in Lancashire, this included fireplaces and other fixtures. Mr Parr lived within the Manor until 1938 when he died.